Certified Yacht Broker

Certified Professional Yacht Broker

What is a Certified Professional Yacht Broker?

Only a very small percentage of brokers in the yacht industry is actually “Certified Professional Yacht Brokers.” CPYB’s are designated through the Yacht Brokerage Association of America (YBAA).  Only after working for many years in the industry, under the tutelage and review of other CPYB’s, may you apply to become a CPYB.  And, then, only upon application and successful completion of the Yacht Broker Exam may you earn the CPYB credentials and designation.  These professionals serve on national decision-making boards in the industry as well as in their local communities, and they are held to the highest level of standards by the certifying board.

What exactly does this mean?

Industry Experts

CPYB’s are industry experts. They are full-time industry professionals.  They know their product inside and out. They have a large base of industry partners (financing, service, maintenance) who they are confident in working with which helps ease and speed up the buying and selling process.  They also have a large existing network of potential buyers and sellers which helps to facilitate the process.

Strategic Marketing Experts

They have informed market participants and can gauge where the market is now, where it has been and where it is going.  They are experts at gathering and distilling market information and facilitating informed decision making on behalf of their customers.  They will help you determine the value of the vessel you are trying to either buy or sell.  They will make recommendations and set up a plan to market and list your boat.  They will utilize a complement of marketing tools such as MLS subscriber databases, email marketing, print and internet advertising and social media platforms. You shouldn’t settle for anything less!

Negotiation Experts:

Trained in the art of negotiation, professional brokers will do their best to represent you and your interest based upon the market knowledge and research they have produced. Brokers use their industry contacts to ascertain information which may not be readily available to their customers.

Customer Service Oriented:

A certified professional yacht broker will stay with you even after the sale is complete.  They are always available to guide you through the post-sale steps.  Insuring, Transporting, Maintaining, Storing, etc.

Because of this allegiance to their customer, Certified Brokers have a much higher than average customer retention rate and referral rate.  Their customers have such a good experience that they often come back and continue to refer their friends which helps build broker networks exponentially!