Sell Your Boat


Our Systematic Selling Approach

Selling your boat or yacht begins with our complimentary consultation. We will work with you to develop a plan to market and ultimately sell your boat. We know everyone’s situation is different and our strategy and tactics will be specific to your vessel. Whether a domestic or international sale, we partner only with the best in the industry to make sure that the sale is handled professionally and all transactions are properly documented.

Step 1. Valuation: Set-up an appointment or phone meeting to discuss your boat at length with your broker. The Broker will capture all the relevant information about your vessel in an effort to determine a realistic list price. The Broker will evaluate current market conditions for your yacht. What is selling, why, and at what price?

Step 2. Marketing: The Broker will establish a marketing strategy for your boat. Based on the dynamics of the market place, inventory and competition, the broker may suggest ways to better position and package your boat. Sometimes a quick clean-up or fix-up will help attract more buyers to your boat. The broker will also consider where the boat is currently located and if it is best serviced and marketed in that location.

Step 3. Central Listing Creation: Broker will create a professional listing (specifications, descriptions and photos) for your boat for publication on Yacht World.

Step 4. Advertising: Smith Yacht Sales utilizes a complement of advertising mediums to help sell your boat: Each boat is unique and therefore the most effective way to advertise your boat will be chosen.

Our approach may include the following:

  • Print/Photo Advertising in premier industry publications
  • E-mail Marketing Campaign
  • Social Media (Facebook, E-Mail Marketing)
  • Brokerage Board Window Display (Hingham Shipyard Marina, Hingham, MA)
  • Boat Show Booth Displays, Trade Show Events and Publications
  • Website Advertising/Google ADS

Step 5. Monthly follow-up reports: Our Brokers will produce a monthly follow-up report to keep you updated on the market (leads, inquiry, changing market dynamics) and activity with your boat. Often, as a result of the report and follow up discussion, the selling plan may be adjusted as a result of gaining this market information.

Step 6. Negotiating: There is rarely a sale without some level of negotiation. Our brokers are experienced negotiators who will professionally represent you and your interest-based upon their market knowledge and research.

Step 7. Executing the Sale: Smith Yacht Sales employs an in-house staff to assist in the timely execution of all documents. Additionally, we only work with the most reputable industry agents to help ensure all sales are properly documented in a timely fashion.

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